36 + Small Hand Towel Holder

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I trust all of you had a magnificent end of the week! The climate here was too lovely to even think about staying inside, so we invested loads of energy out in the carport completing stuff. To stay aware of the majority of our tasks as we are making them,

A while ago when I was in school I needed to take a class called “History of Interior Design” (that’s right, I have a degree in Interior Design in all honesty… ) During that class, I needed to make a folio with an image of each and every style of engineering since the commencement of the world beginning with like… ancient caverns. No joke. Greek Revival and Italianate and Baroque. Corinthian and Ionic and Doric. Straight to the point Lloyd Wright and flying supports… It ALL went in this folio in slick little photocopied pages with dividers for every century.



Wow! Such a charming smaller than expected stepping stool. This piece has such huge numbers of conceivable outcomes! Utilize the stepping stool in your kitchen for your hand towel, coffeehouse stylistic layout, restroom hand towel holder, drape it in an exhibition divider, show a smaller than expected wreath, or balance an image from it.

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